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Cat snacks for kittens, developed to support healthy growth and vitality, with natural calcium, vitamins, L-carnitine and taurine, suitable for delicious daily feeding.

Taste delicious and support your cat’s best possible development – these GimCat Kitten Tabs are a nutrient-rich treat that your cat will love, designed specially for kittens.

The GimCat Kitten Tabs contain calcium and vitaminsamong other nutrients, helping to support growth and vitality. These GimCat Kitten Tabs are also enriched with L-carnitine and essential amino-acid taurine. They are made to the highest quality standards in Germany.

GimCat Kitten Tabs at a glance:
  • Supplementary food for young cats
  • Optimal development: source of natural calcium, designed to support your cat during the growth phase
  • Improved vitality and fun: provides your kitten with beneficial vitamins
  • Contains L-carnitine and taurine
  • For daily feeding: suitable for treating your cat every day
  • Made in Germany
Milk and dairy by-products, oils and fats, sugar, yeast, meat and animal by-products, vegetable by-products, fruits (in pink tabs), grass powder (in green tabs).

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (1147 IU), vitamin E (260mg), vitamin B1 (27mg), vitamin B2 (20mg), vitamin B6 (13mg), vitamin B12 (93mcg), niacin (937mg), folic acid (18mg), taurine (4000mg), L-carnitine (4000mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 25.0 %
fat 24.0 %
fibre 1.0 %
ash 6.0 %
calcium 1.2 %
phosphorus 0.7 %
moisture 4.5 %

0.2 %


 Feeding recommendation:
GimCat Kitten Tabs are a supplementary food for kittens.

Feed around 8 tabs per day, either on their own or crumbled into food.