Perfecto Dog Trio Mix Bucket 500g

Perfecto Dog Trio Mix Bucket 500g

Perfecto Dog
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Perfecto Dog Trio Mix Bucket

Perfecto Dog Trio Mix 500g - heart, circle and crescent shaped dog snack in a bucket.

Complementary feed for adult dogs. Your dog will love this mix of heart, circle and crescent shaped snacks! Super suitable as a snack and reward when playing and training.

shipping weight: 0.535kg
Item weight: 0.500kg _
Feeding recommendation::
weight dog daily ration
about 8kg 7 pieces
about 15kg 11 pieces
about 30kg 20 piece

Dietary supplement, not a substitute for daily complete food. Your dog's complete food must be reduced accordingly. Please provide your dog with enough fresh water (room temperature). Store cool and dry. Always close opened bags well.

Composition:: Cereals, vegetable by-products, glycerin, meat and animal by-products, propylene glycol, oils and fats, fish and fish by-products.
Analytical components:: Crude protein 11.7%, crude oils and fats 5.9%, crude ash 2%, crude fiber 1%, moisture 18%.

Nutritional additives/kg: Iron (E1, ferric oxide) 1200 mg.