Royal Canin Kitten Wet Cat Food 85g

Royal Canin Kitten Wet Cat Food 85g

Royal Canin
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Royal Canin Kitten Wet Cat Food 85g

Wet food for kittens under 12 months in textures: pieces in sauce, pieces in jelly, pate. Supports the kitten's natural defenses. It has a soft texture, comfortable to grab and chew. Instinctively encourages consumption, stimulating the appetite. Strengthens bone tissue. Gives the necessary energy and activity.

Kittens need special nutrition
Is a child fed in the same way as an adult? Obviously not. Children have a sensitive digestive system, small jaws, they have no teeth, so they, for example, can not bite an apple. These facts make it easier to understand why kittens also do not need as much food as adult cats. Kittens grow for at least 12 months, depending on the breed and sex. The Royal Canin Kitten range of diets has optimal solutions for kittens. Choose the best wet and dry diets for them.

Maintaining the immune system
Helps maintain the kitten's natural defense system and overall health in phase 2 growth.

Complete moist food for kittens under 12 months
Helps maintain the body's natural defenses in kittens of the 2nd phase of growth.

Easy gnawing
Small pieces in sauce.

Instinctive preference
The formula corresponds to the macronutrient profile, which kittens instinctively prefer.