Kitty Comfort Cat Litter 5L

Kitty Comfort Cat Litter 5L

Kitty Comfort
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Ends Odor the Best!

Kitty Comfort is made with highly absorbent formula of rare and high quality clay, which quickly absorbs the source of odor, keeping your litter boy incredibly fresh.

Clumps the Quickest!

Kitty Comfort clumps almost immediately on contact with liquids, with no seéping, sinking sticking to the sides of the box.

Pets and people Safe!

Kitty Comfort is made of 100% natural ingredients, it's totally safe for cats and the whole family.

1. Use moisture-proof cat box that can Comfortably accommodate your cat(s)

2. Maintain cat box filled at a depth of 5:7 cm for pawing and covering.

3. Remove only contaminated scoops (balls) ohce per day.

4. Clean the box with warm water and a mild detergent between complete litter changes. (recommended once every month)

For Best Results

Do not put your cat's food next to the litter box

• Keep the litter box away from noisy, heavily trafficked areas

• Store Kitty Comfort in a cool, dry place. Spend time with your cat, provide toys, a warm bed and even cat furniture.

• A happy contented cat, with the right litter box manage fat, less likely to have aversion problems.