Nunbell Pet Nail Clipper

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Open the safety buckle. Please hold the feet of your pet stable

Please cut the nail slowly, so as not to cut into the pet nail in the capillary phenomenon caused by bleeding.

If the nail is too long, Please just trim a small part at the first time.

Every 7-10 days to trim a small part of the nail until the nail to the right length.

After pruning, using the files to rüb the nail until smooth.



Blade is sharp, please be careful.

Hold the handle when not in use, push the safety button on the switch to close the handle of the clipper.

If the nail is dark, you have to check the bottom of the mail to see the capillary clearly. If in doubt, consult a qualified pet beautician.

Please do not use for other purposes except for pet.

Keep out of reach of children.